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Mayfair Diamond Engagement Ring RPT00133


Simply breath-taking, a single round brilliant cut dazzling diamond of 1.29cts taking centre stage, with a further six sparkling diamonds cascading gracefully down each shoulder all set in the most durable pure and rare metal of all platinum. The perfect ring to surprise the lady in your life and reveal your true sense of romance and everlasting love, for your new life together.
(Something special to note) the tapper to the base of the diamond setting, will allow most wedding rings to fit very close together thus avoiding a big gap between engagement ring and wedding ring.

Total diamond weight 2.36cts colour F clarity VVS2 – associated Qualities, Innocence and Love.

Presented in a beautiful veneered wooden ring box. Please scroll picture to see box.

Stocked in finger size M. Other sizes can be made to special order in approximately seven working days.

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City of London Jewellers present’s the Mayfair Platinum and 2.36cts diamond engagement ring RPT00133.

Mayfair Diamond Engagement Ring RPT00133.

A GIA certified top colour F brilliant cut white diamonds, clarity VVS2, 2.36ct – associated qualities, innocence and love.

If you are thinking of some special way of making an original proposal, you may also want an unusual original ring design to start you on the right track, this ring certainly fills that criteria. It is crafted from the most durable pure and rare metal of all platinum and is the ultimate in chic styling with wonderfully gorgeous sparkling colour F diamonds that reflects light and fire in every direction, selected by our expert diamond buyer and chosen for there exceptional sparkle and fire. Independently certified by the G. I. A. Gemmological Institute of America.

Now all you have to do is plan the ultimate original way to propose. Good luck!

Mayfair Engagement Rings.

A brilliant cut is a diamond or other gemstone cut in a particular form with numerous facets so as to have exceptional brilliance such as the diamond in this Mayfair Diamond Engagement Ring. The shape resembles that of a cone and provides maximized light return through the top of the diamond.

Have you ever heard the expression, Rome wasn’t built in a day? The same applies to the creation of the perfect diamond cut. Today, the most popular diamond shape for an engagement ring is the round brilliant cut diamond. The diamond took more than six centuries and multiple craftsmen from one generation to the next to create. This resulted in a dramatic transformation of the diamond cutting process throughout the years.

Mayfair Diamond Engagement Ring.

Diamonds that were cut and polished before the great Kimberley diamond rush; that followed the first discovery of diamonds in South Africa in 1867, looked significantly different to the brilliant cut diamond that we see today. Over the years the anatomy of a diamond has changed; each drawing closer to achieving the perfect cut. Table facets have become larger and lower half facets and star facets became longer. The culet of the diamond also appears smaller than before. The new cutting techniques were perfected over time to make sure the maximum fire, scintillation and brilliance of the diamond is achieved.

The round brilliant diamond is the only diamond shape that has ideal proportions with exact symmetry. There are some princess cut diamonds that are titled as ideal cut, but there is no set standard on princess cut diamond. But a round brilliant, they had the highest percentage of light reflection due to Marcel Tolkowsky’s mathematician side.

Round Cut Diamonds – A Brief History
Despite being the most popular diamond cut today, the 58-facet brilliant round cut diamond as we know it today has only existed for the past 100 years. In the late 1800s the diamond cutting machine, also known as a diamond bruiting machine, was invented. This machine allowed for a far more accurate cutting process and paved the way for the first fully rounded diamonds to be produced. However, the European cut diamonds, the first truly round diamonds, were very different to the round cut diamonds we are used to seeing today. The round diamonds we find in today’s diamond solitaire engagement rings are as a result of Marcel Tolkowsky’s studies on diamonds and the refraction of light. Here are five interesting facts about round cut diamonds that you may not have known.

1. Most Popular and Most Expensive Diamond Cut
An astonishing 70-80% of diamonds manufactured today are round cut diamonds. Round cut diamonds have been the most popular diamond shape for almost a century, being the most used diamond for solitaire diamond engagement rings. They are also the most expensive diamond cut, but not solely because the demand is higher than for other loose diamond cuts. The yield for a round cut diamond is quite low, meaning that more of the diamond is lost in the cutting process than fancy shapes such as princess or radiant cut diamonds. This contributes to round cut diamonds costing 25% – 35% more than other diamond shapes. For example, a 1.03 carat round cut diamond with a VS clarity and G color grade would cost more than a marquise diamond with similar characteristics.

2. 58 Facets Mean Ample Brilliance and Light
In 1919, Tolkowsky’s published his thesis titled: “Diamond Design: A Study of the Reflection and Refraction of Light in Diamond”. In this publication he described how he used mathematics to calculate the ideal proportions for maximizing the brilliance and fire of a round cut diamond. The diamond industry embraced this study and have used it to reach even better results over time.

3. Advances in Technology Perfect the Round Cut Diamond
Over the past 100 years, diamond cutters have improved the technology they use in their diamond cutting to perfect the cutting process and maximize the brilliance and fire produced by round cut diamonds. More recently, lasers are commonly used in diamond cutting. As a guide, according to GIA standards, a round cut diamond with a 53-58% table width, 59-62.3% depth and 34-34.9 crown angle will be given an “Excellent” cut grade.

4. Round Cut Diamonds on the Red Carpet
As the most popular diamond cut, many celebrities have been given impressive round cut diamond engagements rings. For example, when Evan Spiegel proposed to model Miranda Kerr in the summer of 2016, he presented her with a beautiful round cut diamond ring with a taper diamond on each side. Similarly, film director Sam Esmail presented a large round diamond engagement ring flanked by two white baguette diamonds on a platinum setting when he proposed to actress Emmy Rossum.

5. 4 Prong Setting Ideal for Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings
The most commonly used setting for the round cut diamond engagement ring is the 4 prong setting. Not only is the 4 prong setting very secure, it is also a very open setting, allowing the optimum amount of light to enter the stone. For round cut diamonds over 2 carats, a 6 prong setting may be required to keep the stone secure. The bezel setting, while unique and modern, is less used for the round cut diamond as it will prevent a large amount of light coming through, which is one of the key selling points of round cut diamonds.

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