Although this gorgeous real silver rubber duck charm doesn’t float, I am sure it will float someone’s boat, a cute colourful gift suitable for young and old alike. Crafted in real sterling silver.

Approximate dimensions from the top of the jump ring bail to the bottom 25 x 12 x 2 mm.
Approximate dimensions of the bee only without the top jump ring & bail 12 x 12 x 2 mm.

Available on its own as a pendant/charm or with a traditional silver trace link chain in 16inch/40.64cm, 18inch/45.72cm, 20inch/50.8cm.

Presented in a beautiful black leatherette presentation box when purchased with a chain.
When purchased on it’s own it comes in a plastic and cotton wool charm box.

Please click on choose an option for chain length and price.

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The history of the rubber duck is linked to the emergence of rubber manufacturing in the late 19th century. The earliest rubber ducks were made from harder rubber when manufacturers began using Charles Goodyear’s invention. As a consequence, these solid rubber ducks were not capable of floating, but instead were intended for use as chew toys.

Sculptor Peter Ganine created a sculpture of a duck in the 1940s, and reproduced it as a floating toy, of which over 50,000,000 were sold.

Jim Henson popularized rubber ducks in 1969, performing the song “rubber Duckie” as Ernie a popular Muppet from Sesame Street. Ernie frequently spoke to his duck and carried it with him in other segments of the show. On a special occasion, Little Richard performed the song.

C. W. McCall’s hit song Convoy (and the movie and novel it inspired) are narrated from the viewpoint of a character who replaced the bulldog hood ornament on his Mack truck with a bathtub toy and used the on-air handle of “Rubber Duck”.

You must be quackers if you dont buy this cute little pendant!

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