The Madonna (Virgin Mary) or holy Mary.

This lovely round virgin Mary charm will make a perfect gift for a christening, confirmation, or for a pendant on one of our beautiful neck chains.

In Christianity, Mary is commonly referred to as the Virgin Mary, in accordance with the belief that she conceived Jesus miraculously through the Holy Spirit without her husband's involvement.

Mary was a young girl, probably only about 12 or 13 years old when the angel Gabriel came to her. She had recently become engaged to a carpenter named Joseph. Mary was an ordinary Jewish girl, looking forward to marriage. Suddenly her life would forever be changed.

Mary was fearful and troubled in the presence of the angel. She could never have expected to hear the most incredible news — that she would have a child, and her son would be the Messiah.

Although she could not comprehend how she would conceive the Savior, she responded to God with belief and obedience.

Although Mary's life held great honour, her calling would demand great suffering as well. Just as there is pain in childbirth and motherhood, there would be much pain in the privilege of being the mother of the Messiah.

Measuring approximately 12mm x 12mm and 1.4mm thick.

This beautiful medallion is made in Italy and is suitable to be used either as a pendant or a charm on a bracelet.

The front has a Matt finish and the back has a highly polished finish,suitable for engraving.

To view the pendant with our beautiful neck chain please click on the picture below.