A beautiful memento of Scotland, a solid 9ct yellow gold thistle charm ,the ancient Celtic symbol of nobility of character as well as of birth.

The thistle has been the national emblem of Scotland since the reign of Alexander the third (1249–1286) and was used on silver coins issued by James the third in 1470. It is the symbol of the Order of the Thistle, a high chivalry order of Scotland. It is found in many Scottish symbols and as the name of several Scottish football clubs. The thistle, crowned with the Scottish crown, was the symbol of seven of the eight former Scottish Police Services (from which a new national Police Service was formed in 2013), the sole exception being the former northern constabulary. The thistle is also the emblem of encyclopaedia Britannica, which originated in Edinburgh, Scotland.

According to a legend an invading Norse army was attempting to sneak up at night upon a Scottish army’s encampment. During this operation one barefoot Norseman had the misfortune to step upon a thistle, causing him to cry out in pain, thus alerting Scot’s to the presence of the Norse invaders.