The story of the three little pigs, Yellow, Rose, and White Gold.

Once upon a time, there were three customers who wanted to buy a pig charm.

The first customer went to a large high street chain store and bought a lightweight hollow pig charm that was very cheap.  When he took it home a big bad wolf blew the door down and the charm fell onto the floor (because it was so light), unfortunately he stood on it and it was squashed. His wife huffed and puffed and was not very happy.

The second customer bought a charm that was a little bit heaver which was also quite cheap, but it was badly made and his wife huffed and puffed and never wore it.

The third wise customer bought his pig charm from the ‘ City of London Jewellers’, his charm is solid and very well made.  That was ten years ago and his wife is still very happy with it.

I think that’s how the story goes!