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Rose Gold Ball-Stud-Earrings 4mm ESA00490



Measurements:- 4mm x 4mm x 4mm.

These petite cute 18ct rose gold 4mm ball stud earrings are great for an every day subtle smart look, that would be suitable for most office and school criteria.

Presented in a plastic and cotton wool box, please scroll picture to view the box.

Looks great on there own or with different graduating sizes if you have more piercings.


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City of London Jewellers present the Llanelli 18ct Rose Gold Ball-Stud-Earrings 4mm ESA00490.
Measurements:- 4mm x 4mm x 4mm.

Rose Gold Ball-Stud-Earrings 4mm ESA00490.

This pair of unisex stud earrings is both simple and classic. Each features a plain polished 4mm 18ct rose gold Polished spherical ball stud, creating the perfect pair of earrings for everyday wear.

Rose Gold Ball-Stud-Earrings 4mm ESA00490.

Why Is rose gold a rose colour, in order to change its colour we have to mix it with other metals. The ultimate colour of the gold is determined by the metals combined with the gold to form an alloy, and the ratio of those metals. Common metals mixed with gold include copper, silver, nickel, palladium, and zinc.

Gold in its pure form is 24 carat and as we all know is a gold or a shiny yellow colour, pure twenty four carat gold is far to soft to make into jewellery, it is so soft that if worn on a regular basis would probably wear very thin in a short space of time, so in order to harden the gold the jeweller has to mix it with other metals to make it harder and strong enough to withstand every day wear and tear. Depending on the amount and the different other metals that it is alloyed with IE. mixed with not only determines the hardness and strength of the gold but can also determine the colour of the gold different craftsmen will use various metals to alloy with the gold but whatever metals are used the percentage of gold should be the same for each carat.

Rose Gold Ball-Stud-Earrings 4mm ESA00490

The colour of the gold alloy is determined by the other metals that it is alloyed with for instance white gold will have silver and various other white metals alloyed with it in order to make it white, where as rose gold will have copper alloyed with it to make it a red/ pink/ rose colour and yellow gold will most commonly have smaller percentage of silver copper and zinc to keep its yellow colour, 9 carat yellow gold is often a lighter yellow colour than 18 carat yellow gold, which is more of a rich and intense yellow due to its higher gold content.

Nine carat gold parts per thousand…….375.
Fourteen carat gold parts per thousand ..585.
Eighteen carat gold parts per thousand ..750.
Twenty two carat gold parts per thousand.916.

Rose gold was initially very popular in Russia in the 19th century and was known to some as Russian gold. Rose gold / pink gold / red gold / Russian gold is now experiencing a come back and is becoming the must have trend for jewellery of all kinds.

Rose Gold Ball-Stud-Earrings 4mm ESA00490.

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