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Kendal Black Pearl Stud-Earrings ES00048


( 9.5mm x 8.8mm)

These unusual black cultured pearl stud earrings, have a gorgeous contrasting crescent of round white sparkling diamonds to one side, all crafted in 9ct white gold, designed to fit the curvature of the ear lobe.

Two smooth black freshwater cultured pearls 7.5mm – associated qualities, loyalty, faithfulness and friendship.

Total diamond weight 0.03ct – associated Qualities, Innocence and Love.

A perfect gift for any occasion.

Supplied with a beautiful black leatherette and velvet presentation box.

Enjoy the convenience of complimentary wrapping paper on us.

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City of London Jewellers present the Kendal black pearl and diamond stud-earrings ES00051.

Kendal Black Pearl Stud-Earrings ES00048

Crafted in 9ct white gold, single round black cultured pearls with a crescent of sparkling white diamonds.

A unusual design that you will love to wear.

These cultured pearls, sometimes referred to as black pearls, actually have a wide colour range. They might be grey, black or brown, and they can have blue, green, purple or pink overtones.

Kendal Black Pearl Stud-Earrings ES00048.

The difference between cultured pearls and natural pearls.

Natural Pearls.

With a natural pearl when an irritant gets inside the shell of the mollusc without any help of human intervention, it is called natural. These natural pearls are very rare and found mostly in antique jewellery, as diving for natural pearls in open water is a dangerous profession and is almost obsolete now days, having said that pearl diving in Ohio & Tennessee rivers in America still exists today, mainly in my opinion as a gimmick to help boost the tourist industry.

Cultured pearls.

With cultured pearls such as these Kendal Black Pearl Stud-Earrings are virtually the same in as much as they are still made by the mollusc but with human intervention a skilled technician takes a mantle tissue from another mollusc of the same species and inserts it with a shell bead as the irritant then tissue grows around it secreting nacre onto the bead which eventually forms a pearl. It take at least six months for a pearl to form but most pearls are cultivated for at least a year for it to grow to a useable size, the longer a pearl is cultivated, the better chance of harvesting a larger and better quality pearl in general the longer the cultivation the bigger the pearl, which is why larger pearls are more expensive.

Some people say oh cultured pearls are not as good as Natural pearls, but as in people there are good and bad, in both natural and cultured pearls. In my opinion the thing to look for that generally makes a nice pearl of any sort, is a nice round shape without or with as little blemishes as possible with a nice smooth lustre. In most cases the more blemishes and the more misshapen a pearl the cheaper it should be.

Kendal Black Pearl Stud-Earrings ES00048.

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Dimensions 9.5 × 8.8 × 8.7 mm


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