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Heart Ruby & Diamond Earrings ESA00459


An unusual gorgeous pair of heart shaped rubies surrounded with round sparkling diamonds crafted in 18ct white gold.

The perfect gift for your loved one on a special occasion such as Christmas Valentines day Birthday or wedding anniversary.

Ruby is the stone for the Fortieth wedding anniversary.

Dimensions 7.5mm x 7mm x 4.5mm deep.

Supplied with a beautiful black leatherette and velvet presentation box.

18ct white gold heart shaped ruby and diamond stud earrings perfect for valentines day ruby and diamond heart shape stud earrings real rubies

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City of London Jewellers Present 18ct White Gold Heart Shaped Ruby & Diamond Stud Earrings ESA0428.
Measurements:- 7.5mm x 7mm x 4.5mm deep.

Heart Ruby & Diamond Earrings ESA00459.

Ruby is the second hardest natural stone after diamond. In India ruby was known as the king of all gemstones because of its rarity and some believed that it brought wealth and wisdom and made them invincible in battle and successful in love.

It seems to me that all these kind of mystical beliefs probably stem from logic. Lets face it anyone giving such a beautiful gift as these heart shaped ruby & diamond earring studs are bound to get brownie points, and be lucky in love.

Ruby is most defiantly a stone that exudes passion and romance, apparently rubies are mentioned four times in the bible with attributes of wisdom and beauty. I just think rubies are beautiful stone’s that contrast perfectly with bright sparkling white diamonds.

Most people’s desire for rubies comes from the fact that a good ruby has a gorgeous rich blood red colour, the colour of passion associated with red rose’s and of course of the heart.

Ruby is also the birthstone for July.
Ruby Wedding Anniversary 40 years.
Ruby – associated qualities, nobility, beauty.

18ct White Gold Ruby and Diamond Heart Cluster Stud Earrings.

The name ruby comes from the Latin word “ruber,” meaning red.

Next to diamonds, rubies are the second hardest gemstone.

Rubies are a part of the corundum family. Only red corundum can be classed as a ruby. All other colour’s of corundum are considered to be sapphire’s.

The red colour found in rubies comes from trace amounts of chromium.

Rubies larger than three carats are very rare and are very hard to find.

Heart Ruby & Diamond Earrings ESA00459. Crafted to perfection by hand, using age old tradition’s of knowledge skill and craftsmanship.

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