(19.5mm x 12.3mm x 1.3mm).

This lovely round saint Christopher charm is made in Italy. The front has a matt finish with a contrasting plain diamond cutting around the border to give a smart crisp polished finish to the edge of the pendant, engraved with the words ( saint Christopher protect us).

A perfect gift for a christening or confirmation, or someone about to travel.

Presented in a beautiful plastic & cotton wool charm box. Please scroll picture to see boxes.



The patron saint of travellers who gave his life to the service of Christ and others.
Often, people recall Christopher’s story as an uncomplicated one who assisted travellers seeking to cross a dangerous river. His service to travellers earned him the honour of being the patron saint and protector of travellers. It is the story of a man who was himself a traveller and of his journey to Christ, where he found his true destination in the service of the Lord.
The story of St. Christopher and the St. Christopher Medal is a captivating part of Christian gospel. He was a Canaanite 7.5 feet tall with a fearsome face. He is believed to be a large man of immense strength who lived in the third century during the reign of Decius.

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Dimensions 19.5 × 12.3 × 1.3 mm


Precious Metal