Terrier Dog Brooch Silver Marcasite BRS00035


This graceful looking Terrier brooch is crafted in real silver encrusted with real marcasite stones.

Looks great wherever you decide to wear it, the ideal gift for all you dog lovers out there.

Supplied in a beautiful presentation box. Please scroll picture to view the box.

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Dog, K9,Pooch, Hound, Canine etc what ever we choose to call them one thing is for sure they are defiantly man’s/woman’s best friend. you can show your love for our friendly Pooches by wearing this gorgeous Terrier Dog Brooch.

A Terrier dog of one of many breeds or land-races of terrier type, which are typically small, wiry, very active and fearless dogs.

The Welsh terrier is a dog that was originally bred for hunting but during the last century it has mainly been bred for showing. Despite this, it has retained its terrier strength of character. The Welsh Terrier originates from wales and has been claimed to be the oldest existing dog breed in the UK.

The Welsh Terrier dog closely resembles a compact Airedale Terrier.

Brooches were very popular in the Victorian era and were traditionally worn on the left side which was considered correct and sophisticated by people in high society. They are an accessory a lot of us tend to write off as outdated, but now days people are far more creative. Brooches are fast becoming a new trend again with people wanting to make they’re own style statement, are wearing them not only on coat and jacket lapels, scarfs, jeans but even on the sides of handbags etc.

The brooch is one of the most fun and versatile piece’s of jewellery that can be strategically placed anywhere on our outfits to give them more of a personal touch, they can be worn singularly in pairs or even in cluster’s, brooches can look really cool when styled right and can make you stand out from the crowd. Try wearing them at different angles to see what suits you best.

In my opinion everyone should have several brooches to go with different looks, or at least one for casual wear and one for a more formal dress but don’t forget to include a Terrier dog brooch to your collection.

Additional information

Weight 4.7 g
Dimensions 30 × 22 × 7 mm


Precious Metal


Stone Shape

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