9ct-Gold Ruby-Pearl Flower Brooch BR00022.

Measuring 36mm x 24mm.

Introducing the Exquisite Columbia Road 9ct-Gold Ruby-Pearl Flower Brooch: A Floral Elegance Unveiled.

Indeed, elegance and brilliance intertwine in the form of the rubies and pearls. A true masterpiece brought to you by The City of London Jewellers. This remarkable brooch captures the beauty of rubies and pearls, gemstones that exude a timeless charm, and captivating hearts with their unparalleled allure.

This is a testament to artistry and refinement. At its heart lies a captivating arrangement of rubies and pearls, forming a floral motif that stands for both the beauty of nature and the intricacy of craftsmanship.

Uniquely lovely, this flower brooch requires no embellishments to command attention. The rubies and pearls stand in harmonious unity, creating a natural wonder that demands the spotlight. Their radiant shine pays homage to the finest creations of nature, offering a gift that conveys style beyond words.

However, there is more to this floral brooch than its remarkable stones. It proudly bears a hallmark.

Yet, there’s another layer of thought. The 9ct Yellow Gold Ruby and Cultured Pearl Flower Brooch exceed expectations due to stringent purity standards, having been tested by an independent assay office. This guarantees that what you receive is nothing short of exceptional.

And now, the grace of its crowning touch: this flower brooch arrives in an antique-style black leatherette gift box. Open it to unveil a gorgeous black velvet at the base, while the lid is lined with delicate white silk. A box that echoes the beauty of the brooch itself.

Imagine the joy in the eyes of your partner as they open this box, revealing not merely a brooch but an experience – a floral masterpiece crafted with care, presented with grace, befitting its elegance.

Embrace the essence of beauty and craftsmanship. The 9ct Yellow Gold Ruby and Cultured Pearl Flower Brooch are more than a piece of jewellery; it’s a connection to nature’s wonders and artistry and a testament to your heartfelt gesture. Leave your mark forever etched in the memory of a loved one.

What is a Hallmark?


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9ct-Gold Ruby-Pearl Flower Brooch BR00022.