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Gold Russian Bangle B00038 5mm


9ct Three Colour Solid Gold Russian Bangle.

Made in the UK, (NOT RUSSIAN MADE).

An iconic Russian style bangle lovingly crafted in three different colours of solid 9ct gold, with a highly polished finish.

Some couples say that the triple loops symbolize the holy trinity of the past, present, and future of their union, while others say it is a symbol of the three relationship promises:- to love, honour and protect. The meaning is different for everyone, but one thing I am sure you will agree on is that this bangle has an iconic style that will attract admiring glances for years to come and will never go out of fashion, making her feel great every time she wears it.

Each section measures approx. 4.7 -4.9mm wide by 1mm thick.

A great gift for any occasion supplied in a beautiful gift box.

Enjoy the convenience of complimentary wrapping paper on us.

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The City of London Jewellers Presents the Wincanton Wide 9ct Gold Russian Bangle B00038.

Each section is Approximately 4.7mm to 5mm wide.

Gold Russian Bangle B00038.

Gold Colours:

Rose Gold is also known as Pink Gold or Red gold. Also, some call the Gold Russian Bangle a roll-over bangle.

Matching Rings and Earrings:

This so-called Russian Bangle design also comes in Hoop earrings and Stud earrings.

Also, it is a lasting contemporary design that will never go out of fashion and is as popular today as it was in the nineteenth century.


The combination of three precious metals, yellow rose and white gold, was first seen in 19th-century Russian wedding ring culture. The interlocked bands have remained within the tradition over the years.

The most popular of stories explaining the Gold Russian Bangle is that of Christian symbolism. The three bands signify the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, culminating into an interlocked band of the Holy Trinity. This starts with wearing the Russian wedding ring on your wedding finger, which is interestingly on the right hand in Russian tradition, blesses the marriage.

Another explanation of the design is that each gold reflects a different aspect of marriage. Yellow gold, the sturdiest of the metals, represents the strength that is required in a successful union. While white gold which is the softer metal, symbolises flexibility; a couple must be able to compromise and adapt in order to work well together. Finally, rose gold signifies the rarity and unique beauty of true love.

Our final and favourite tale behind the gorgeous Gold Russian Bangle is delightfully simple, the three bands represent a ever-lasting love, “For each-other, For now, Forever.”

We think you’ll agree that each of these stories adds a touch of romance and deeper meaning to the Russian style jewellery design.

Or maybe people call it a Russian bangle because everyone is Russian in to buy one!

Gold Russian Bangle B00038.

For an even heavier version of this design please see Heavy Russian Gold Bangle B0053.


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Weight23.6 g
Dimensions65 × 4.8 × 1 mm

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